Proclamation of SSSBD

Bangladesh has been passed 46 years of independence. For the independence we had to pay lots of lives and lots women sacrifice their awe. We didn’t moved back to sacrifice our lives for the independence. The greatest achievement of Bengali came in price of blood and tears. Its not a sudden achievement. It’s has long history of struggle. The beginning of Independence movement started in 1952. After that time we had a long regular tussle with Pakistani ruler and at last in 1971 we achieved our independence after a sanguinary war.

Ideal base of today’s Bangladesh has been established by different phases of independence warfare.One of the ideal elements of democracy build as a result of autocratic and undemocratic ruling of Pakistani govt. The participation of all classes people in liberation war has made socialism as a national ideology. Against the ignorance of religious state Pakistani nationalism Bengali nationality emerged secularism and nationalism as out state ideology. By the acceptance of those ideology our state and nation got the right way. But suddenly we lost by the political unrest. We witnessed military rulling in a democratic established country. Democratic institutions lost their character & capacity by turns.democracy still in our constitution but democratic values and environment the rebirth of racial power Bangladesh lost secular character and the relation of different classes. By the strong ignorant dominance free and independent thinking is often tabu. Sense of state and socialism is vanished in our national life.

There is an extreme haphazard and anarchy in our political and social life. Realization of state and the people and those problems we are regular basis failure and these problem is going extreme level day after day.

Extreme crisis and frustration in all sectors like industry-business, agriculture, and education-culture. Our national economy and advancement is in custody of the people who neglect our country, follower of colonial economy, unethical owner of industry and foreign investment protector. Labors are deprived and extremely bleed of their rights by the profit sucker irresponsible people. Agriculture sector is still inorganic and deprived because of correct planning. Agriculture sector of our country is in danger of different problems. Along with addition of globalization is an order of colonial power.

Our monetary policy and revenue structure ,investment policy are made by the direction of IMF and World Bank. Even there is conspiracy of international imperialism in our natural resources like gas and coal. Foreign interest about our politics is so nasty and reckless that our sovereignty is in danger

By these problems and aggravations of imperialism and conspiracy our country and people are endangered. By the name of globalization our industry are dying , agriculture and international control is being established . political and economic decisions are taking by the directions of imperial power. By these our sovereignty is in danger. Imperial cultural aggression destroying our education and culture in a planning way.

Educational institutions of our country are victim of anarchy , student societies contributed in many political and social movement are refinancing from their ideology. Educational institutions are like battle field.

Education is being product because of transparent aspect and planning. Despite of rationalist,generous,active,patriotic manpower in our educational institution we are providing careless, selfish, and irresponsible class. The curse of unemployment destrying young generation for these reason they are aimless and inactive.

In cultural sector of our country prevailing anarchy , aimlessness and lack of real and people oriented cultural practice there is extreme Fertility.

In exception to some print media Perverted taste is going on. Elements of bangali cultural heritage is Nearly extinct . by the bangle language movement we achieved our independence but that bangle language is deprived in our country. We are consolidating use and practice of banglali language by the name of globalization so that we are going to losing self identity. Bangladesh is not out of global religious militancy.

Fanatic groups practicing their activity openly, if this activity goes on in Bangladesh free thinking will be vanished forever and it will be a Medieval dark situation. This situation cannot be permanent for a nation. The crisis in our national life is going on to get rid of we have to explore a right way. We are the majority of the people of this country, especially the youth still confident about the sense and creativity. we think If the right direction got our youth will be able contribute make Bangladesh will be again a Exploitation less Secular , democratic and Progressive country .