Article 1: Name
Organization Name: SAMAJ SAMIKKHA SANGHA in English Society for Social Studies In short, SSS
Article II: Foundation
Founded in March of 18, 2006 in English, 4 Chaitra, 1412 Bangla
Article 3: Flags
The flag texture of the organization will be white.both sides of the texture is in red colored English S shape and logo in the middle
Article 4: Sign or logo
Three flame of peace in the midst of green covered hands.
Article 5: Goals and Objectives
1. Society for Social Studies will organize the intelligent people of good will the youth in particular.
2. Seeking and understand the country’s problems will encourage its staff.
3. To motivate the youth of this country to study and thought about the problems of regular seminars, study groups, workshops will be organized.
4. The research project will receive about problems on a regular basis and the results of this study will highlight the people and policies to policy maker .
5. Movement to raise awareness about the social problems of the country and consistent with the organization’s objectives and ideals that would support any movement.
6. Domestic and international politics, economics, including the study of important matters on a regular basis, will host the discussion.
7. will take necessary plans and initiatives to promote Bengali language and culture and the language and culture of ethnic minorities
Article 6: Member
A) The organization’s goals and objectives, constitution, any citizen of the country can become a member of the Executive Council approved the order.
B) Members classifications
members are of the following four types:
I) General Member: Any citizen of the country can become a member of payment of the annual subscription of BDT 100.
II) Associate Members: BDT 1,000 expatriate Bangladeshis minimum annual contribution will be subject to payment of an associate member.
III) Honorable member: Special recognition to any person in respect of the approval of the Executive Committee member will be honored in the order.
IV) Life Time Member: a lump sum payment of BDT 10,000 , any adult person can become a life time member of the organization.
C) In January, a member of the contribution to the payment of membership must be renewed.
D) Members of the Executive Committee reserves the right to change the subscription rate.
E) Article 7: The cancellation of membership rules
a) When a member voluntarily resigns
b) If the anti-liberation and organizations involved in activities against the Declaration and the Constitution.
c) A member of the contribution if more than three years in a row.
D) A member of the organization in terms of the rule be guilty of serious crimes, the exclusion of the jurisdiction of the Executive Council exempted from the responsibility to preserve.
Article 8: Organizational Structure
3 The Council will be three types to manage the activities. Namely
I) General Assembly
II) The Executive Council
III) Advisory Council
A general meeting will be held of all members of the organizationwill present in the the general meeting. general meeting will be the Supreme Council of the organization. Report submitted by the Council of i organizations, financial reports, future plans, etc. will be decided on the basis of discussion at the general meeting
A) The Executive council: 15-member executive council for the management of the organization.1 President of the Council , 1 Executive Vice President, 1 Executive Director , and 8 divisional directors 4 directorsThe Executive Council shall be two years in duration. At the end of the term of the next general meeting of all members of the executive Council of the organization’s new executive committee will be formed on the basis of opinion. If you encounter any complications suffered through a secret ballet will be accepted.
B) Advisory council :
Executive Council will consists of one or more subjectsTo receive constructive advice of experts from three to seven-member advisory council can form. The Executive Council invited Advisory Council will provide advice or advice regarding the specifics of the organization. Advisory Council to abolish the Executive Council.
Article 9: Responsibility,executive powers and functions of the Council
A) The Executive Council will implement the decisions of the General Assembly.
B) The organization will manage all the work on the light of the constitution
C) Emergency and will form sub-committees for the work.
D) The officers and employees, wages paid, and duties, will be able to cancel the appointment.
E) will manage all administrative measures.
F) all the accounts of the organization, the cost of vouchers, cash book, ledger books, will prepare a statement of accounts.
G) if necessary, appoint an auditor to audit the accounts of all the action will take.
H) The Executive Council, if necessary, on an emergency basis, which is not mentioned in the constitution concerning the approval of the General Assembly can take decisions.
I) The Executive Committee of the General Assembly to determine the future of the program and you do not submit.
J) any member of the Executive Council has reserved the right to resign.
K) inability or failure to comply with the duty of any member of the Executive Council The Executive Council will be able to dismiss him.
L) the period of time of any vacancy in the Executive Council of the members of the organization will co-opt. Executive Council of the nominee to fill the vacant seat will be responsible for the till.
Article 10: The Executive Council of the departments:
To facilitate the work of the Executive Committee of the Council of 8members. 8 members will be appointed director of the department. These are:
A) Publicity and Publications
B) Research
C) Finance
D) study groups and seminars
E) Management
F) Information and Public Relations
G) Office and Establishment
H) reserves the right of executive

Article 11: the powers, duties and responsibilities of the members of the Executive Council
A) The President:
President of the organization, will preside at all meetings. The organization should focus on the overall subject matter. He is executive director of the Executive Council will be convened to. In the absence of a decision of the President of the Executive Chairman of the Executive Committee or the President of the Council will be responsible for any other director.
B) The Executive President:
In the absence of the President of the Executive President will preside over the meeting of the Executive CouncilAnd will be presided over by the Executive Council of the duties entrusted to him.
C) The Executive Director:
Executive Director will consult with the President for calling meetings.. However, if you do not have the opportunity to consult with the president of not more than one manager in consultation with the Executive Chairman of the meeting will be called .he will coordinate between all members of the Executive Council of the organization, he needed to communicate with members of the organization at all levels will। In the absence of the Executive Committee of the Council of Managers executivecouncil director will be responsible for any director, Publicity and Publications:
D) publicity relating to the duties and responsibilities of directors. He will be seeking to promote the organization.Director ,Research
F) All of the portfolio will be the director of the research organization. The subject of research, range, space, time, etc., to determine the various aspects of gabesana Executive Council, will be presented. During the study will supervise the work of all three studies.Director, Finance:
G) Director will manage sector and its income and expenditure accounts, budget allocations for various sectors, including many who will serve as the director of financehe relating to accounting ledger books to save money and the Executive Council and the General Assembly will submit financial reports. He identified the source of the money, the future will be presented at a meeting of the Executive Council.Director, seminars and study groups:
H) The organization of seminars, study groups, etc., all will be in charge of the organization of training seminars, study groups, training, etc., to determine the subject of the Executive Council, will be presented. In addition, seminars, study groups, training, etc. will be held responsible for all.
I) The Director, Management
All types of organizations will be responsible for the management of the program director. Space program, would administer all matters in order to carry out the program nicely.
Vii) Director, Information and Public Relations:
All kinds of activities related to the organization of data collection and organization of electronic and print media for publication and will be responsible for sending the directorShe activity data collection and organization of the electronic and print media for publication will be responsible for creating and sending the director. He also facilitate the work of the organization will work with the people
J) The Director, Office of Establishment:
The director will be responsible for the organization and establishment also the information, reports, portfolios and save all matters relating to the establishment.

K) Director (Reserves the right)
The director lead the program and strategy for the awareness of the fundamental rights of the citizens, encouraging to protect the rights. All kinds of activity legal complexities of the organization to protect the rights the co-operation and disposal director will be aware.
L) The directors of the organization will be involved in the organization. In the absence of one or more members of the Executive Committee of the Council Decision।