About Us

The crisis and the problems we are facing today are very broad, deep and complex.
but we do not have time to sit down about the complexity of the crisis, hopeless .This country, the state, this society of ours. This is our responsibility to the society to free from the problems. If we fail to perform our duties in the nations that critical moment our history will not forgive us. To carry out this responsibility we have to take extensive preparations. to understand the problems of we should have commitment, extensive search and study

To undress the country and its peoples  have to be sincere, study longing open and generous ,and selfless person can play  a leading role  to get rid of such crisis.

From this understanding and faith and purpose SAMAJ SAMIKKHA SANGHA started its journey. We believe that we are all aware of the problems the people of this country than the today’s problems of Bangladesh  will be solved . SAMAJ SAMIKKHA As a socially conscious organization study social research organization that studies and make public awareness about the problems of the country and its people through the creation of initiatives to solve different problems. To achieve this goal we want to make a problems aware, dedicated, team to take the initiative. For the implementation of the goal SAMAJ SAMIKKHA SANGHA undertakes following Programs: SAMAJ SAMIKKHA SANGHA will organize wise, intelligent, especially the youth. Organize and motivate a team to understand the problems of the country  and seeking solutions.

Youths will be encouraged of thinking about the problems of the country, regular seminars, study groups and workshops will be organized. The research project will take about problems of the country and This research results regularly will highlight to  the people and the policymakers. Introduce social movement to raise awareness about the problems of the country  and support any movement consistent with the organization’s objectives and ideals. Organize Domestic and international political and economic importance of regular studies, discussions. Take the necessary plans and initiatives to promote Bengali language , culture and the language and culture of ethnic minorities

Society for Social Studies working for a long time the crisis of our national life is not permanent. The cycle of crisis and problems that we rotate a wide, deep and extreme. But there is no room to sit on the complexities of our despair. All people have some responsibility towards the society. It is our responsibility to liberate the nation and the society from the crisis. many other people have to be aware to move forward the country and the nation. And  to perform duties, want a comprehensive preparedness  goodwill, search and study. This is aimed at society, culture, politics and economics dissertations on the organization of Society for Social Studies.mainly the organization the debut event was 11 may 2006 but Founded in March of 18, 2006 in English, 4 chaitra, 1412 Bengla.

An organization cannot be build All of a sudden but the long-term labor, is planned. there is an incident of Society for Social Studies. The planning stated in 2005 to organize an such organization among the organizer. After meeting several times, new people further reinforces the scope. Active people are needed to establish an organization. Before the establishment of the organization there was two study groups was held on February 10 and 17, goals and objectives for the formation of these organization were discussed. After the meeting, the meeting starts. All of the meetings had been organized in the house of  Das somaya Assessing and planning programs come from a far Dhaka, and for the creation of the constitution,  committee was formed on the basis of public opinion, On February 21, Chittagong minunicipal model high school in a small room on the third floor after several meetings 18th march the organization  is born. Named Society for Social Studies. After that first program of Society for Social Studies on March 26, Independence Day Rally with Blossom cluster placed at the Shaheed Minar, discussion meeting.

Later, on April 30, the day of the Youth in Revolt day placed Blossom cluster on statue of surya sen. the organization delegate first General Meeting on May 5. In addition, since the establishment of the organization that has operated briefly described

Debut and the first memorial ceremony was held on May 11, 2006, 28 Baishakhl 1413 at the Institute of Theatre in the city. The first memorial was held on the occasion of the organization’s self-disclosure announcement “Which Bangladesh we wanted” on the title speech delivered by the sub-continent renowned educationist professor Anisuzzaman about  surya sen Memorial. There was present as a guest The eminent sociologist, professor. Anupam Sen, poet and journalist Abul Momen said. AQM Sirajul Islam, Engineer Delwar Majumder, Chaired by the president Golam mustafa. delivered welcome speech by Executive Director Mahbub Haque Chowdhury Babar, Director Kallol Das, Declaration and the action plan in the next six months,read by  the Director Delwar Hossain Bhuiyan and uditi Soma Das, conducted by the Ripon Acharya Biplob. The music was performed by  Eminent Rabindra Sangeet artist Aditi Mohsin. Before the start of the ceremony there was a colorful rally.

Aims and Objectives:

  1. The country’s intellectual, physical, and natural resources of the country useful bright future worthy of deconstruction, free thinking and development of free, non-discrimination and deprivation liberal-democratic society. The study of the social organization of the country’s intelligence and good people, especially the youth will be organized.
  2. Seeking solutions for a variety of international issues and his country and will encourage its staff.
  3. To motivate the youth of this country to study and thinking about the problems of regular seminars, study groups, workshops will be organized.
  4. Taking steps to freedom from deprivation Various research, women, children and the rights of the people deprived people. Will work to create social awareness.
  5.  To raise awareness about the problems of the country will be a social movement And any movement in line with the organization’s purpose and ideals worthy of support
  6.  Discussions will be held on Domestic and international political, social, economic studying several important issues,.
  7.  Take necessary plans and initiatives to promote Bengali language and culture and the language and culture of ethnic minorities