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Colonel Taher’s Memorial Lecture in Chittagong

There is no obvious truth in Bangladesh.  To go to democracy will always have to know the truth.But politicians of the country do not have it.The country has been divided into two groups, and the truth.
Friday afternoon, in the city of “Muslim Institute” organized a memorial lecture on Bir Uttam Shaheed Colonel Taher  Speakers said. Chaired by Society for Social Studies( SSS) Economist MM Akash central member CPB. Member of the Standing Committee of JSD Shirin Akhter, BSD extended Forum  member Rajekkurjaman Ratan, the son of Abu Taher Abu Kaisar Jesus.

The ‘Taher’s dream ” titled memorial speech delivered by Taher’s younger brother  Prof Dr. Md. Anwar Hossain Biochemistry and Microbiology Department of Dhaka University
Anwar Hossain said , Taher had a dream of millions of people’s liberation and for building a happy society. He wanted to embrace the dream of death for the wrong doer had spread to the next generation. Parliamentary Standing Committee on Ministry of Education President Rashed Khan Menon said , Killing of Taher’s an ignominious chapter for the nation. It is state’s  responsibility to reveal  the true and trial of Taher’s murder . Taher’s movement  had a mistake in the way some reference to Professor MM Akash said, in the Taher’s  change traditional way peasant-workers was not with him.he also said, the former president Ziaur Rahman was beneficiaries of changing time ‘ Mysterious man ” he always got  the advantage from everyone. In the HostingSociety for Social Studies’s( SSS) Executive Director  Shihab Chowdhury biplob welcome speech delivered by poet Ovik  Osman